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In Ocean Inspirations, author Dwainia Tullis presents the opportunity for deep introspection and inspires you to develop a better awareness of yourself.


Filled with inspirational poems and photographs to guide you along life’s pathway, this collection addresses a variety of themes and messages including openness, change, peace, loneliness, awareness, the power of God, and the importance of minding your thoughts. In “Along the Pathway,” Tullis writes,


Along the pathway be mindful of your thoughts.

As we walk, we think.

Our thoughts guide our steps,

the steps along the pathway.

Be mindful for there are stones,

loose stones we may not see.

Be mindful you don’t slip and fall.

Guard your thoughts like precious

jewels, for precious jewels they are.


Through words and images, Ocean Inspirations will help you discover that tender part of yourself where you can grow and blossom in the journey of your life.


Ocean Inspirations: Thoughts upon the Water

a book by Dwainia W. Tullis

66 Pages

Published by

Trafford Publishing on June 18, 2016